You're the Center of the Universe

You're the center of the Universe.  It all revolves around you.  It is, because of you.  Just playing ... that all applies to me!  That's how we all feel though, right?  Or have felt.  The thought of being in a Truman Show - like existence where we're all watching and putting up a front for you.  Nah, you're not that special.  Yet maybe you are.  If we're all from/of God ... whatever God is to you ... then the source exists in us all.  Deep down we have this visceral understanding that we are God and God is us.  We just sprinkle a little ego over the equation and think that it's a unique and singular thing, not realizing that we're all connected.  All going through the same experience but seeing it through our own lenses.  Past, present and future, you're all me, I'm all you and we're all each other.

~ Saturday 07.25.15 @ 12:46am

Tony OrtizComment