#137 – Fly (Audio Book) (Re-Release)

This episode is the audio book version of the Short Story; Fly.  If you want to read along with the audio book, please visit: http://www.spuntoday.com/shortstories/fly.

I also speak about self-publishing my first book and the process that entailed.Happy Holidays to you and yours and may 2016 be the year that finally begins to bring your ambitions and desires to fruition (don’t forget to work hard for them…it’s kind of a key ingredient).

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#123 – How I Published my Novel (FRACTAL)

In this episode I speak all about my journey in writing my debut Novel: Fractal. Listen to hear about how I came up with the idea, when I came up with the idea and much more. I tell you a bit about what the story is about, and how the sausage was made. Find out my roll out & marketing strategy, who I used for cover design, the tools I used, how I edited and much, much more.

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#120 – Random Rant

In this episode I speak about Amazon choosing to leave NYC, tidbits from the Grammys, watching F is for Family on Netflix and a GQ series called Most Iconic Characters on YouTube.

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