The Antithetical Talent Manager

The Antithetical Talent Manager
Sandy Wexler
By Tony Ortiz | 05.18.2017

     Slapstick borderline hack humor may not be your style. I can't blame you, apparently it's an acquired taste. But the same film viewed as a comedic-drama and seen through the lens of accepting the protagonist as a selfless & caring Hollywood Talent Manager, seems to be much
more palatable. Expectations play a big role in the ways we choose to ingest movies. Such is the case with the latest polarizing Adam Sandler and Netflix collaboration; Sandy Wexler.

     Sandy is the antithetical Hollywood Talent Manager. Having none of the unbecoming boisterous, gregarious, pushy qualities that most of us detest in other human beings, while maintaining some of the useful go-getter qualities necessary to book your gigs. Does he lie?  Sure, but that's par for the course in this glitz and glam town, isn't it? No worries ... they're not shady-contract lies. They're lies that help cushion the blow of otherwise unflattering comments that aren't constructive to the betterment of his clients careers.

     You'll go through the ringer for sure, taking on all the unorthodox gigs that no one else thinks to want and that he actually manages to book you for. But let's be real, it's not like anyone's exactly beating down your door with offers, right? If you're willing to pay your dues in that way (and probably a few other people's dues) then he's your guy.

     He'll become family in all of the 'there for you' ways, but don't expect Sandy to be the quintessential dinner guest. He has heart in spades but his bedside manner and slight speech impediment are lacking to an equal-opposite degree. We can't have it all, right? Don’t feel bad
though, he's comfortable in his own skin and un-apologetically who he is.

     If you're willing to substitute the romantic road to material success with indiscriminate work that highlights your raw (very raw) talents, then he's the guy you need to page (just remember to dial your number after the beep).