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Tony Ortiz

Tony Ortiz is a first generation Dominican American that was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, New York. He is the host of the Spun Today Podcast which is anchored in writing but unlimited in scope. He is a graduate of Baruch College in NYC, and has an unquenchable thirst for Writing.


These entries have been the result of literally sitting with a Pen & Paper in front of me and with no predetermined plan of what to write about.  Simply letting the words flow through me, as if I were a conduit, a middleman.  It relaxes me.  It clears my mind of mental fog.  I find it insightful at times and relieving at others.  This process helps me crystalize thoughts and ideas that I otherwise had trouble bringing to the forefront of my mind.  Try it sometime; you may be amazed at what’s waiting to pour out of you.

Short Stories

This section is pretty self-explanatory.  In revisiting the passion to write, this is my novice attempt at creating what I’m labeling as ‘Short Stories’.  Most are inspired by true events in my life some of which are exaggerated for comedic or dramatic effect, some spun out of my imagination, and others a combination of all of the above.  I hope to one day develop some formidable writing chops, and this has shown to be a fun way to take a proverbial step in that direction.  I hope you can find some enjoyment within these.

Spun Today Podcast

My Podcast is meant to be a fusion of my favorite past-times; Free-Writing and Podcasts.  It’s inspired by the format of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast (check it out if you haven’t).  A one man rant-a-thon filled with tangents to see just how far the rabbit-holes can go.  The Podcast is anchored in writing but unlimited in scope.  Listen to me exploring current events, movies i've watched, books i've read, UFC fights, free-writing posts i've written, general experiences and some good old fashioned motivation.  In staying true to the Free-Writing and Podcast mediums, the show is un-edited and off the cuff.

I also release some episodes which are audio-book versions of the short stories that i've written, which are edited and have sound effects added to them for dramatic effect, etc.

Ode to Podcasts

I am a self-diagnosed and certified Podcast junkie!  It is my favorite medium by far, and to me, the beginning of the future of entertainment as well as the spreading of knowledge as we know it.  It blends the balance of community and esoteric exclusivity with being exoteric and prolific all at the same time.  How perfectly Yin and Yang is that?! 

This section is a tribute to some of my personal favorite thought provoking, funny and inspiring conversations across several of my favorite Podcasts.  Each one is transcribed to the best of my ability, with a precise timestamp link at the bottom (in Red) that you can click on to go listen to the conversation yourself, in its full context.  Click on the title of any conversation (in Black) if you'd like to share and/or comment. Here’s to these cherished moments to which I am forever grateful. (Of course if any Hosts or Guests would like their content removed, please contact me at any time for immediate removal.  I am not claiming ownership of any content within the Ode-to-Podcasts section.  I am simply paying homage).


All of my books will be listed here, along with related videos, audio excerpts and additional content.



I’ve always been that guy that stops to take Photographs of things that happen of catch my eye at any given time.  Here are some of those shots, chosen at random.  Share these images with family & friends (and even with enemies if you find any to be that bad).  You can download any that you like, for free or if you'd like to purchase any prints which are offered in various sizes and styles (Canvas, Poster, Framed, etc.) please visit the SpunToday Crated page.  Please also follow the SpunToday Instagram page where you can Like and Comment on these images as well.



This is a five question survey that you can fill out, relating to any creative endeavor that you're into.  I'll share your responses with fellow listeners of the Podcast on a future episode and will let you know once it's available (you can remain anonymous if you choose).  If your responses could potentially spark inspiration in someone else ... why not share that?

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