The easiest, hardest thing

It's the easiest hardest thing you'll ever do in your life, to paraphrase Joey "Coco" Diaz.  Isn't that how you feel about whatever it is that you do?  The juxtaposition of it being an exhausting up-hill climb day in and day out, coupled with the hindsight of there being absolutely nothing to it, is absolutely astonishing.  Is it necessary for that to exist? - That angst.  That build up.  Do we need to go to that place to make it to this one?  Does your painting gain the impulse needed while in those moments, to land itself on your canvas?  Do your words use those moments of trepidation to connect with one another in a way that's worthy of your page?  When the climb up that daunting hill seems steeper and longer than in days past ... take a moment to realize how easy life would get to live, if this was your main day-to-day task.

~ Monday 07.20.15 @ 11:15pm

Tony OrtizComment