Joe Rogan Speaking with Bert Kreischer about Politicians and their donors

Joe: Well, I feel like anybody ten years younger than me and ten years older than me, in that group, I can relate to you.  I know ten years ago. I remember that very well, and I can imagine ten years from now so I can relate to that.  But as I get to an older age, like where I'm at right now, I look at it and I can't relate to any of these fucks.  These aren't really me.  They don't represent me.  These are crazy people they're a spokesperson for Corporations.  I don't know who fuckin' said this but it's a brilliant line...some Comic said this... 'Politicians should be forced to wear jackets like Nascar drivers so you could see their Sponsors.'  

Bert: Ohh, that's fuckin' brilliant. 

Joe:  It's fuckin' brilliant.  I don't know who it was.  Whoever it was that said that; bravo sir, or ma'am.

Episode #145 of The JRE podcast @ -7:44