Joe Rogan Speaking with Marc Maron about the reality of going through the bad in order to get to the good

Joe: That's in the Bible man.

Marc: That story?  That music story? (laughs)

Joe: As iron sharpens iron, people sharpen people.

Marc: Yea?

Joe: Yea.  That's what it is man.  You need to feel that.  You need to feel loss in order to realize what you did wrong.

Marc: But you can't live in it.

Joe: Yea, you can't live in it but it motivates you to move forward.  And it motivates you...that terrible feeling shouldn't be ignored, it should be figured out.  It's like you gotta figure out; what is causing this fucking thing?

Marc: But you can lock into that feeling for many years before you [realize] ...

Joe: Oh, for sure. 

Episode #374 of The JRE podcast @ -1:46:26