The 50th Law - 50 Cent & Robert Greene

"Sometimes luck or serendipity is more a function of the openness of your mind"

They say luck is where preparation meets opportunity.  Which makes sense.  That's a practical view of it.  An ethereal way of looking at luck would be "being at the right place, at the right time".  In the first version, we have control or say-so over part of the equation (preparation).  In the second version of luck, it's being done to us.  We can't control the being at the right place, at the right time situation, it just happens.

Which version of luck is accurate?  I guess that fully depends on the type of situation specifically.  Sometimes your hard work and preparation crosses an applicable opportunity.  Sometimes you're born and already on third base.  A lot of the times it's a combination of both, mixed in with all variations in between and around it.  Keeping an open mind while you go through situations in your life, whether that be with loved ones, with business or with passions, is an objective tool we can implement to in essence "make something out of nothing".  To spot certain scenarios that we can spin in our favor.  To position and prepare ourselves in that "right place".  Open your minds eye and allow yourself to be lucky.

~ Wednesday 05.20.15 @9:09am

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