The 50th Law - 50 Cent & Robert Greene

"If you are afraid to learn from your mistakes, you will more than likely keep repeating them".

We've heard and or read variations of that statement, dozens of times, right?  What stood out to me this time, was putting it in the context of fear.  It's one thing to be naive and or hard headed and continue to bang your head against the wall, expecting something other than a lump.  It's a far more self-destructive trait, in my opinion, to avoid necessary change because you are afraid of it.  You're setting a dangerous precedent for yourself whenever you do so.  Don't form that habit which ultimately becomes the self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating, toxic characteristic that will rot you from within.  

When you head in that fearful direction you don't increase your chances of failure and loss, you secure them.  Head in the opposite direction.  Admit when you're wrong, whenever you fuck up.  Embrace the fact that it's a normal and expected possibility, correct your errors and keep it moving.  Don't let yourself down.

~Friday 05.15.15 @9:02am 

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