Comedians in Cars getting Coffee - Sn.1 Ep.10 Jerry Seinfeld

"Ah, no ... no.  I don't accept the judging of process.  It doesn't matter that you like to rehearse with your nose up against the flat, saying lines.  That doesn't matter.  We're all trying to get to the same Island.  Whether you swim, fly, surf or sky-dive in, it doesn't matter.  What matters is when the red light comes on."


How you get somewhere ... the journey, is very important and more often than not more significant than the actual destination ... but to you & to you alone.  Inwardly it should be all that counts.  The whole kitten kaboodle.  That process is for you.  It's your mechanism for achieving whatever it is that you set out, and/or are setting out to achieve.  As such, it's beyond contestation.  Extrapolate that idea to the idea of setting a goal for the day of a routine task like going to the Supermarket.  Picture yourself riding a bike there.  Now picture yourself walking there instead.  Now driving.  Each of those three choices effect you in a personal way, in that you physically go through three different modes of transport.  What you're essentially doing though, is going to the Supermarket and henceforth, completing your goal.  The how & when do not matter, as long as you get done, whatever it is that you set out to do.

~ Friday 8.2.13 @ 12:09am

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