Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

"The gift of their expertise is that it allows them to have a much better understanding of what goes on behind the locked door of their unconscious"


This reminds me of the Miyamoto Musashi quote from from The Book of Five Rings: "If you know the way broadly, you will see it in all things." - Similar, right?  To me, it's saying that expertise is expertise.  Excellence is excellence.  'Real recognize real'.  Once you reach a certain level, it's like a language.  When applying that level of expertise, it's like being able to understand and maneuver within different dialects of that language, even if you don't speak that particular one outright.  Your subconscious is at an expert level.  An innate level of knowing.  It realizes & recognizes things before you consciously even know that there's something to be evaluated.  Those split decision, second nature actions are one of a kind.  Unique to each of us.  Can we truly ever understand it?  Hone-in on its construct?  Harness & direct its ability? - Possibly but not very likely.  The first step, in my opinion, is to understand that you don't know how or why it works ... but need to understand and realize that it does, & work with it.  Embrace it, so that you can truly be able to tune into that level of expertise one day, & apply it to any and every aspect of your life that you see fit.

~ Tuesday 7.16.13 @ 7:48am

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