Like a White Light going through a Prism

Whenever inspiration hits you ... it's probably not a conscious decision.  It's more of an epiphany. Let it take its course.  Let it ooze out of you in whatever form or medium it takes.  Express it however it wants to be expressed.  Release it.  Let it out.  Don't trap it, bottle it up and allow it to go stale.  Don't harbor it and 'save it for later' ... it wont be there later, at least not in the same way that it was.  And the best part ... it's infinite.  Ever expanding.  You couldn't waste it if you tried.  Ride its wave and elevate yourself and possibly even others for doing so.  How great of a plus is that?  So whether it's a song, a quote, a book, a line in a movie, an instrumental solo, a laugh, an anything - that gives you a momentary glimpse into the self perpetuating purity that is inspiration ... embrace it and run with it, because although the stream can't be wasted - the moment can be.  Like a white light going through a prism and coming out of the other side as an array of different colors ... allow it not only to enter you in that unexpected form, but also allow it to come out of you, expressed in its intended form.

~ Sunday 02.16.2014 @ 12:02pm

Tony OrtizComment