The Antithetical Talent Manager

The Antithetical Talent Manager
Sandy Wexler
By Tony Ortiz | 05.18.2017

     Slapstick borderline hack humor may not be your style. I can't blame you, apparently it's an acquired taste. But the same film viewed as a comedic-drama and seen through the lens of accepting the protagonist as a selfless & caring Hollywood Talent Manager, seems to be much
more palatable. Expectations play a big role in the ways we choose to ingest movies. Such is the case with the latest polarizing Adam Sandler and Netflix collaboration; Sandy Wexler.

     Sandy is the antithetical Hollywood Talent Manager. Having none of the unbecoming boisterous, gregarious, pushy qualities that most of us detest in other human beings, while maintaining some of the useful go-getter qualities necessary to book your gigs. Does he lie?  Sure, but that's par for the course in this glitz and glam town, isn't it? No worries ... they're not shady-contract lies. They're lies that help cushion the blow of otherwise unflattering comments that aren't constructive to the betterment of his clients careers.

     You'll go through the ringer for sure, taking on all the unorthodox gigs that no one else thinks to want and that he actually manages to book you for. But let's be real, it's not like anyone's exactly beating down your door with offers, right? If you're willing to pay your dues in that way (and probably a few other people's dues) then he's your guy.

     He'll become family in all of the 'there for you' ways, but don't expect Sandy to be the quintessential dinner guest. He has heart in spades but his bedside manner and slight speech impediment are lacking to an equal-opposite degree. We can't have it all, right? Don’t feel bad
though, he's comfortable in his own skin and un-apologetically who he is.

     If you're willing to substitute the romantic road to material success with indiscriminate work that highlights your raw (very raw) talents, then he's the guy you need to page (just remember to dial your number after the beep).

You're the Center of the Universe

You're the center of the Universe.  It all revolves around you.  It is, because of you.  Just playing ... that all applies to me!  That's how we all feel though, right?  Or have felt.  The thought of being in a Truman Show - like existence where we're all watching and putting up a front for you.  Nah, you're not that special.  Yet maybe you are.  If we're all from/of God ... whatever God is to you ... then the source exists in us all.  Deep down we have this visceral understanding that we are God and God is us.  We just sprinkle a little ego over the equation and think that it's a unique and singular thing, not realizing that we're all connected.  All going through the same experience but seeing it through our own lenses.  Past, present and future, you're all me, I'm all you and we're all each other.

~ Saturday 07.25.15 @ 12:46am

The easiest, hardest thing

It's the easiest hardest thing you'll ever do in your life, to paraphrase Joey "Coco" Diaz.  Isn't that how you feel about whatever it is that you do?  The juxtaposition of it being an exhausting up-hill climb day in and day out, coupled with the hindsight of there being absolutely nothing to it, is absolutely astonishing.  Is it necessary for that to exist? - That angst.  That build up.  Do we need to go to that place to make it to this one?  Does your painting gain the impulse needed while in those moments, to land itself on your canvas?  Do your words use those moments of trepidation to connect with one another in a way that's worthy of your page?  When the climb up that daunting hill seems steeper and longer than in days past ... take a moment to realize how easy life would get to live, if this was your main day-to-day task.

~ Monday 07.20.15 @ 11:15pm

What did you do this Week?

This week disappeared.  What did you do with it?  Was it something clever?  Was it something that you used to say; me do that? - Nah, never.  It's sad when we lose something that'll never return, isn't it?  But not when you make the mistake of taking yesterday for granted because of the promise that there will always be another day.  They say tomorrow's not guaranteed and today is fleeting, so why not make yesterday have some meaning?  What you're doing in essence is self defeating.  You deserve better than that.  We all do.  You can do better than that. - That's on you.  Make the promise of tomorrow and the moments of today, have-to live up to yesterday.

~ Friday 08.19.16 @ 8:34am

State, don't Impose your Opinion

There's a difference between stating your opinion and imposing your opinion.  It should work as sort of a free-market of thoughts.  You should be able to state your opinion without necessarily wanting to change anyone's mind to join your frame of thought.  However, if it is a better or the best argument the way that free markets are meant to work; people should naturally gravitate towards it. - If they don't and if you don't when things are the other way around, that's their and your prerogative.

~ Monday 08.22.16 @ 8:12am 

Be Mindful of when you Stray from your Path

Start the month off right, right?  The week.  The day.  The hour.  Get the very next moment off on the right foot.  The correct footing establishes a strong foundation from where sustainability can thrive.  Cultivate that environment with passion and strive.  Strive to maintain that drive and disconnect with the discontent that sets it all aside.  Oh yea, and as an aside, enjoy the ride.  Don't neglect that important component.  Don't indulge in it either.  Live it with the paradigm and structure of meditation.  Be mindful of the strays from your path and simply shift back into your rightful place once you notice. 

~ Sunday 10.02.16 @ 12:08am

Watch the Ideas Crystalize into Existence

You know that piece of procrastination that seems to control you working on your craft, by pointing out & antagonistically asking: What are you going to write about?  You have no new ideas yet? - Spot that Resistance (thanks Steven Pressfield) and flip it off.  The ideas don't always come before you actually show up to put in the work.  If you want "others" to put in the work for you, this isn't for you.  Sit in front of your half-written manuscript, your blank canvas, & immerse yourself in the world you're trying to create.  Then watch the ideas begin to float around you and crystalize into existence.

~ Sunday 01.29.17 @ 5:46pm

How do you learn to Love Yourself?

(I had this thought while listening to Drew Carey on a DTFH Podcast episode)

Ive had this question in the past and still do from time to time.  For anyone else who has had or ever will have it, this is for you. 

How do you learn to love yourself?

In an attempt to scrub off the implicit negative film of self-help and woo-woo, I'll jump right into the practical, relatable aspects of my point.  Substitute the mysticism with work.  You have to work at it.  That's what it is.  Constantly and consistently.  In the way that having the physical body you've always wanted is a lifestyle, so is loving yourself.  Like making a relationship flourish requires presence, attention and affection. Like writing a novel means showing up early mornings and late nights and putting in the work. The way that achieving any goal you set for yourself is more about the journey than it is about the destination, so is loving yourself.  Loving yourself shouldn't be looked at as some mental state you eventually achieve and keep.  It's not something you find, it's something you create by being grateful for what you do have.  Be thankful for the ability to strive for what you want.  You may not be good at this, but you are at that-and that's not nothing.  If you haven't considered it, do so now. From being able to see and read this (albeit not the greatest piece of writing on earth) but being able to see and read anything at all.  The ability to think, to contemplate, to learn, to grow.  Be thankful for all of it.  The way that meditation is more about noticing when your mind inevitably drifts away in thought, and you simply bring your attention back to your breathe once you realize it ... once you notice that you're hating something about yourself, bring it back to thoughtful appreciation, and the ability to learn.  At the very least and in the long run, you'll give yourself the option of looking back on a lovely journey. 

~ Friday 12.02.16 @ 9:23am