Levels of Reality

There are different levels of reality. You know how they say perception is reality? That’s one. Another level or layer if you will, would be that intent is reality. The true intent of ones actions or inactions. Sometimes shrouded in doubt, hesitation, fear and/or shame, lies how you really wanted to act. How you really wanted to be. That layer of reality that is known to you and often to you alone. The intent behind committing a crime usually translates into adding a degree or two to a sentence, yet positive intent translates into a void of what could have been. How do we make it so that our positive intent becomes our reality?

Let’s focus on those resistant factors that don’t allow our intent to permeate into the realm of perception. Take yourself out of the equation objectively and make your decisions and subsequently your actions, echo the sentiment of your intent. Lets change ourselves in this way, and in doing so, do our part in changing the world.

~ Sunday 11.01.2015 @ 10:50AM

Your inability to earn it, is the only Obstacle

The expectation of excellence is dangerous. You’re not owed anything. It’s not coming to you while you sit around and wait for it. Snap out of it before you let it all slip away. It really is yours for the taking, as long as you’re willing to take it. Your inability to earn it, is the only obstacle in your way. That obstacle can come in an endless array of different colors and sizes, shapes and textures, but it all boils down to the same thing. The same root cause. First breakdown the mental walls confining you from your destination. Realize that those walls that built up into an intricate labyrinth of life experiences, are there because you put them there. Take that burden off of your shoulders. Now you can begin your work. Now you can begin to be excellent. Now you can begin to be you.

~ Thursday 07.09.2015 @ 12:03am

Drew Michael - Stand-Up Comedy

“ … You ever think you’re a person but you’re actually an amalgamation of projections you’ve absorbed over 32 years? … That is brutal” - Drew Michael

In his one-hour special, Drew touches on the difficulty of having to discern between actually feeling a certain way versus justifying an insecurity. Thought provoking, isn’t it? I mean, who are we really? A collection of influence. Whether it be nature or nurture that amalgamation of projections we’ve absorbed is what we are. I guess at first it’s a daunting thought because I want to feel and believe that I’m something more sturdy. More reliable. But I’m actually a continuously evolving thing. We all are. And how we choose to evolve is informed by the influence(s) we take in. It’s not as big a mind fuck that I once thought it would be. The fact is that we’re all evolving, albeit in various directions, some are just more grounded in knowing what that evolution entails.

~ Sunday 09.09.2018 @ 2:26pm

“I think I can Express Myself that Way”

We all (assuming every single person ever is motivated in the same way) just want to express ourselves. That’s why we gravitate towards the mediums that we do. Not as consumers necessarily, although that’s absolutely one side of it, but as expressers. Sharers. We see something and think - “…I think I can express myself that way…” - Drew Michael.

That’s a pretty dope revelation I just had, triggered by watching the HBO Extra content feature: Meet Drew Michael. It’s why I gravitate towards Writing and Podcasting … I think I can express myself via those mediums. Interesting.

~ Sunday 09.09.2018 @ 12:13pm

Let Yourself Out

THE GREATEST version of yourself is dying to come out. It’s practically oozing out of your pores. But you stifle it.  You stop it. You postpone it. You get in your own way, piling up hurdle upon hurdle, instead of clearing the path to allow you to rise from the ashes of your unfulfilled self. Break that trend and stop that trajectory. You’re digging a hole so deep for yourself that before you know it - will become the grave of the life that could’ve been. Build up to the you that you need to become. We elevate each other by lifting ourselves. It’s your duty, your calling not to squander it. We’re all in this together but it begins and ends with you. Don’t waste that talent. Nurture it and allow it to have the everlasting ripple-effect impact that it was meant to have. Throw a pebble of effort into the pool of the universe each day … and lets get started.

~ Sunday 07.05.2015 @ 11:33PM

Be Humble

FOCUSING ON what others have that you don’t have, is an exercise in futility. Instead, practice humility. Be happy for those that have more, feel bad for those that have less and find solace in what you do have. That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t want more for yourself and others around you, you absolutely can and should. But elevate yourself to the point of your desires, through hard work, focus discipline and dedication. Have the gumption to go through the rough patches, so that you deserve to reap the fruits of your labor.  Don’t give up on your goals.

~ Thursday 06.11.2015 @ 4:28PM IST

The Space we Leave Behind

We're all inevitable empty spaces in the world.  Maybe that's why there's so much of it ... space that is.  Everyone that ever was, is or will be, will one day create an empty space in the shape of them.  They'll add to the collective empty space, becoming one with it.  Perhaps that's consciousness.  There's an ironic sense of togetherness, cohesion and one, when it comes to transcending into the empty space.  While you have your relatively small window of time into existence ... do something meaningful.  Find whatever "that thing" is, at all costs, and add value to it.

~ Friday 10.27.2017 @ 8:03am (in N.Y.) - 38,025 ft in the air over the Atlantic Ocean