#035 – Free-Writing Session

In this episode I read/review some free-writing, which is located at: http://www.spuntoday.com/freewriting/.  I also speak about Thanksgiving, watching the movies True Romance, Hamburger Hill and Creed.  The Vice episode where President Obama (@POTUS) visits a Federal Prison and speaks about issues with the current prison/legal system in the U.S.  I’m taking a 10 part online Photography course via Shaw Academy and I speak a bit about that, I speak about Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) announcing his retirement and also read off a couple of pieces that resonated with me from the Tao Te Ching; #57 & #64.

Links referenced in this episode:

Shaw Academy; Practical Professional Online Education: http://www.shawacademy.com/

Kobe Bryant’s letter - Dear Basketball: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/dear-basketball/

Purchase the Tao Te Ching: http://www.amazon.com/Tao-Te-Ching-Illustrated-Journey/dp/0711229643/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1449009087&sr=8-3&keywords=tao+te+ching

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