Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus speaking with Steven Pressfield about the dimension of potentiality

Steven: Here’s the other side of that, at least what I was just saying about a structured thing like learning Martial Arts.  It’s something that an individual can join, there are others who are also students, and there’s a teacher who’s teaching them and telling them what to do.  But the other side of that is Art.  Is trying to produce, whatever it is you’re trying to produce.  A movie, a paining, a book.  Or something like that.  This is where, at least in my opinion, you go as an individual and where there are no rules, or there are rules but you have to discover them yourself.  And so this is what we were talking about before about entering into another dimension of reality or tapping into another dimension of reality.  Which is not, which is the dimension of potentiality.  Like this podcast existed before you and Brian put it together, it just existed on another level.  In potentiality.  And Onnit and the stuff that you guys do, that also existed.  Or a book that I might write or a movie that somebody might do, and so I think that is a kind of, without trying to sound to phony baloney here; It’s a warrior pursuit.  It’s something that taps into that wolf energy.  Or that pure testosterone energy.  Only it’s not channeled in a path that already exists.  You the artist, or the comedian or whatever discover that path one footstep at a time.  And you put one foot out and you go ‘wrong’. You go into a puddle or you step into a punji stick or something.  [Then] you go, well shit, over here this is solid ground.  This got a laugh.  This made people, I killed when I did this, right.  And so you are kind of in the dark like somebody moving in the dark trusting your instincts, trusting whatever starlight you can see.  And when you finally get to the end of that forest, and you turn around and you look back at the path you took, for a writer that’s a book.  And you look down and you say; where the fuck did that come from?  And you realize that that was you all along, but you had no Idea when you started writing.

Joe: You just had to discover it, yea.  

Episode #405 of The JRE podcast @ -1:57:31