Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus speaking with Steven Pressfield about enthusiasm being buried under fear

Steven: Just something is occurring to me as we’re talking here.  I might be, I haven’t even thought about this in a million years but, you were talking about, Aubrey, about people that don’t seem to care or don’t have the enthusiasm for something.

Aubrey: The wonder and awe in the world, yea.

Steven: I can remember that I used to be, for years I struggled like that.  Where I was bored with things.  I was bored with myself.  I was beating my brains out saying; why don’t I love something?  What is missing?

Aubrey: Right.

Steven: My, sort of my conclusion, was that I really did have tremendous ambition and tremendous aspiration but I had buried it under layers of fear.  You know?  As if, if I would ever admit to myself that I wanted to be excellent at something that, that would be more than I could take, failure would be more than I could take.  And so when I finally sort of admitted to myself (and actuality its in The Authentic Swing I think, or maybe it’s not) but when I admitted to myself that I did have ambition, I did want to do something, suddenly everything changed.  And then, enthusiasm did come.  But it was fear.  So I think when we’re running into people that are not, don’t have enthusiasm, don’t have that fire, I don’t believe it’s not there.  I think it’s buried under fear.  And I think that’s why great teachers, coaches, will put a young person in a position where they can exceed their expectations or their belief about themselves.  Where they thought they couldn’t do it, and then the guy kicks them in the ass enough times [that] they actually do it and they go wow, how did that happen, you know?  And then that’s the spark that can then burst into flame if it’s guided properly.  

Episode #405 of The JRE podcast @ -1:52:38