Steve Simeone speaking with Rob Spencer about not taking the easy way out

Rob: So i’m sitting at my house watching TV, and I remember that the remote control is over on the coffee table.  Like everybody, I think that’s to far away for me to lean up and grab.  It’s only 2 feet [away], it’s a second away.  But, i’m lazy like everybody else and I think; if I take this pillow, and I just go like this, I could drag it to me.

Steve: Yea, yea haha. Yes 

Rob: And I don’t have to get up, right?  So, I grab the pillow I throw it on the remote, I knock it off the table, along with my drink.  And then i’m sitting there cleaning up and I thought this to myself: Why is it, it’s very clear that I was thinking this; why is it that the easy way out often becomes more difficult than doing the right thing to begin with. 

Steve: So true. 

Rob: And that’s when I decided to live life like that. 

Steve: That is so, so true. 

Episode #50 of the Good Times with Steve Simeone podcast @ -30:55

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