Steve Simeone speaking with Jimmy Shubert about that hardworking East Coast mentality

Jimmy: My brother Joe had his own business when he was 16.  I mean, these guys are, my brother Bob got married with his High School sweetheart, so did Joe actually, and still married.  You know, got great houses, they love their jobs, they both run companies, they’re both kinda like white-collar blue-collar guys.

Steve: Yup, that’s what I love about Philly.  White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul.

Jimmy: Yea White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul, that’s great.  Oh that’s great.  That would be a great name for an album.

Steve: No but seriously, that’s what I view ...

Jimmy: That’s killer! White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul.  

Steve: No, yea that’s what we have.

Jimmy: Dude, that’s fucking awesome dude.

Steve: That’s what we have.  That’s why I was like, oh, I love Shuby.

Jimmy: That’s going to be the name for my next album. 

Steve: Go for it, it’s yours.

Jimmy: Dude, that’s awesome.  White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul.

Steve: That’s what we have.

Jimmy: Yea

Steve: Cause it’s like that work ethic, you can’t knock it out of us. 

Episode #47 of the Good Times with Steve Simeone podcast @ -1:14:00

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