Joey Diaz Speaking with Steve Simeone and Lee Syatt about fitness

Joey: But no Lee, I’m proud of you that you made the choice, and that you uhm

Lee: And like, I cut diet Coke out, that’s gone.  It’s just water.

Steve: Wow

Joey: You’re 25 years old, Lee.  I wish I was 25 years old now...

Lee: Yea

Joey: ...To tell you how easy it can be, cause you don’t want to do this when you’re 40.

Lee: No. 

Joey:  When you’re 40, there’s gonna come a time you're gonna gain 30 lbs.  And you’re gonna go, ‘you know what? I already did this.  I did this.  So this is coming right off’.  But right now you’re 25.  Right now you’re metabolism - you could fucking eat a cake and it’s gone within 10 minutes.  It should be.  

Lee: Well, not mine but yea.

Joey: It should be!  Because you haven’t kicked that mother fuckin engine in.     

You got an engine.  

Steve: Yes

Joey: In the 80’s there was Pennzoil.  And Pennzoils' motto was; ‘you can pay me now, or you can pay me later’.  That stuck with me for my life.  Those people that drive around, and don’t change the oil then their engine blows up.  And they go; ‘what the fuck happened?’ And that was their motto.  Either you can pay me a $1.99 now or you can pay me $800 later.  You’re gonna pay me.  So, you gotta get into exercising.  You know, and I did it as a chid and when I got into Comedy, I sold my soul so deeply into Comedy that I go; who needs their fitness?  You always need your fitness.

Steve: Mind, Body, Soul - It’s all connected.

Joey: You always need to breathe.  You always need that hour for yourself.  That hour for yourself is sooo spectacular.  My wife left the other day and she came back and I could see that she was a different person.  And I go, you gotta do this three days a week. 

Episode #188 of The Church of What's Happening Now podcast @ -1:25:06