Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt speaking with Steve Simeone about keeping your mind active

Joey:  If we’re going to improve as human beings, you have to keep learning.  And you have to keep figuring your mind out.  Your mind has to keep spinning guys.  I don’t give a fuck if you’re a plumber by trade.  That’s a trade you chose and i’m happy you chose it.  But at night you gotta read a book. 

Steve: Yea. 

Joey: At night you gotta do a puzzle.  You know.  Bro, if you’re just gonna sit there in front of the fuckin’ TV, you know, and learn from Discovery - hey I’ve learned how to make Meth from Discovery.  I've learned about fuckin’ Icing Ages.  You learn a lot of History on TV, but it gets to a point that your mind has to get analytical.    

Episode #188 of The Church of What's Happening Now podcast @ -1:06:55