Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt speaking with Steve Simeone about believing in your art and sticking to it

Joey: I try to do the best I can.  I suck at Jiu-Jitsu. - If this was 20 years ago, I would’ve quit three weeks ago.  

Lee: Umhmm, Steve: Yea

Joey: Because of Comedy, I stick with everything now.  

Steve: Yea 

Joey: I stick with everything, because I've learned something - that no matter how fucking bad you are or how bad you are financially…If you believe in your art, I mean truly fucking believe (not because you want pussy, not because you want to be famous.  None of that shit) I’m talking about if you really believe that you could add something; you know what, I like Dave Gilmour, and I like fuckin', the guy from uh, the guitar player from Tool, but I think I could add something different.  And if you truly believe that, if you believe with your paintbrush, or whatever the fuck it is, plumbing or sucking cock, if you truly believe - there’s a chick out there that’s like; ‘I suck the best dick in my neighborhood.  I’ve blown 18 guys and they’ve all cum, and they've told me, they've come back to me, they tell me i’m beautiful.’  And you ask her what’s her secret; ‘well I grab their nuts and I squeeze them and I twist them and I, at the same time’.  They all think they have something that nobody else has.  And that’s the same thing that makes you special and gives you fuckin’  hope.

Episode on 11/20/2013 (#129) of The Church of What's Happening Now podcast @ -1:04:44