Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt speaking with Bruce Buffer about being passionate at what you do

Bruce: Here’s the key to collecting.  Here’s the key to life in my opinion.  And you got this from, hopefully, from my book.  I’m a very passionate individual.  If you have passion for something, like I do for movie memorabilia, you know, as an example, and I could look at the wall at my seven foot tall poster from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life which is one of the best movies ever made, still play it every Christmas, Um, I look at it and I get a good feeling.  I’m passionate about it.  It makes me feel good.  If you can do that and collect and you know how to make money at it at the same time…it’s perfect.  It’s kind of like having a job.  Like what I do in the Octagon.  I’m so passionate - I love so much when I step into that Octagon, I live for that.  It’s one of the greatest things I do in my life and that thrill just gets more and more and more and I get paid for this?  You know … unbelievable, that’s nirvana. 

Episode #200 of The Church of What's Happening Now podcast @ -36:42