Joe Rogan speaking with Bryan Callen about taking short cuts in life

Joe: They (shortcuts) impede your development.  When something goes wrong you have to address it. Address it and that's how you get better. Everything that I've ever done that I fucked up on, it made me's just uncomfortable and you don't want to feel it.

Bryan: That comes from also learning how to talk to yourself and being nice to yourself.  Not being to hard on yourself either.  This is a marathon, not a sprint. Take it easy on yourself. 

Joe: and it also comes from building up, like a database of you being a good person. Like you have to really believe in yourself as a person.  But mistakes and fuck-ups and things that you do along the line, those are like hugely important. They really are. Because when you're developing as a human being and you're a young person trying to make your way through're going to come across these situations where you do not know how to behave correctly.  Weather it's because of your emotions, Whether it's because of your hormones, your insecurities, whatever the fuck it is, it's very possible for you to fuck up and make mistakes.   But those mistakes are HUGE.  All of those dumb things.  Those lefts when you should have went rights.  All of those things, as long as they don't kill you, you can learn a lot from them. 

Episode #326 of The JRE podcast @ -2:31:14