Joe Rogan Speaking with Ari Shaffir about the TSA

Joe: ...You're enforcing your opinion by exaggerating mine…

Ari: No.  Because I want you to tell me what you think the problems are with TSA.

Joe:  OK.  The problems are with TSA, the same problems there are with any system where people get in any position of power over people.  They automatically act like douche-bags.  It’s the same as Security Guards.  

Ari: Yea.

Joe: I mean, it’s the same as Bouncers at Clubs.

Ari: Yea

Joe: It’s the same as some Cops.

Ari: Some Cops, yea.

Joe: It’s a difficult thing to have that kind of power over people and not abuse it and not be cunty about it.

Episode #322 of The JRE podcast @ -1:50:17