Duncan Trussell speaking with Daniele Bolelli getting out of your own way

Duncan: Every single day you get an opportunity to do a real sacrifice ... Sacrifice doesn't mean you're sacrificing like you're giving some [thing up].  It doesn't mean you have to give up something you love, it means that you can give up fear.  Every day you get this amazing chance to give up fear.  You get this incredible chance to sacrifice fear ... on the alter of action.  And that fucking action can be; ask the girl for her phone number.  You know, do the thing that makes your pulse go up.  Do that thing that makes your heart flutter. Do that thing.  That's living.

Daniele: Tell her you like her.

Duncan: Yes, YES.  And you know what?  You'll know that you are knocking on the door of novelty, when you feel that thing surge in your heart.  Where you're like; oh fuck, I can't do this - I can't do this - I don't know - I can't do it - I'm not gonna do it - I can't do it.  That's where you need to be!  That's the place to exist!  Cause weather on the other side of that door is a gaping embarrassment or on the other side of that door is the most incredible sex of your life, you're still a million times better off.

Daniele: You did it.  That itself is awesome.  You went for it.  And there is no way to ensure results.  You know, it could go as you say, horrendously bad it could go awesome, but the fact that you took the step, that's great in itself. 

Episode #45 on 10/17/2012 of The DTFH podcast @ -22:31

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