Daniele Bolelli speaking with Shannon Lee about her father; Bruce Lee

Daniele: I love the whole methodology - the way he set it up. The whole idea of; "Researching your own experience, Absorbing what's useful, Rejecting what's useless and Add what is essentially your own"
That's beautiful.  I mean, right there, that's like, thats how you should live life. In every way.  
Whether its martial arts, weather its about anything. You do your homework, you look at what's out there.  You take stuff that seems to make sense.  you experiment with it, you see whether it works or not.  You leave some of the stuff that looks disturbing ... and the process of mixing from multiple is what makes you, you.  It's what makes the particular alchemy you come up with of all the elements you mix.

Episode #3 of The Drunken Taoist podcast @ - 42:20