Daniele Bolelli speaking with Rich Evirs during the intro, quoting someone he cant remember

Rich:  You'll never change the world...but if you're lucky, you might point it a half a degree in the right direction.  And if you've done that, you've really done something.  Or just held it fast against these insane mother-fuckers that are trying to run the place. 

Daniele: Ultimately, nobody goes out and changes the world by wanting to change the [world].  You know, its such a big humongous series of things around us that you can't just by sheer will power just; 'i'm going out and changing the world tomorrow'.  Well yea, that's sweet.  Good luck. 
At the same time, nothing ever changes unless people believe that they can do it.  So you need to be both optimistic and realistic at the same time.  But the point is, regardless, when you put your energy in a good way, regardless of the ultimate results, you're going to have fun in the process...you're going to have people along with you who have fun in the process.  And maybe ultimately that changing the world is.  In moments by moments.  Not necessarily super great scheme of things, but that right there it's happening in that that moment, in that connection.  If it happens in more long lasting fashion, so be it.  Even better.    

Episode #1 of The Drunken Taoist podcast @ -1:24:15