Joe Rogan speaking with Stefan Molyneux about the deliberate uses of language

Stefan:  If we could just fix language, I think we'd fix so much in the world.  There's an old Confucius saying, it says; the beginning of Wisdom is to call things by their proper names.  I hate the word spank.  Just say hit.  You know, just say hit.  A mild spanking, c'mon.  Don't call it War, call it Murder.  That's what it is.  

Joe Rogan: A mild spanking (tone of disgust).

Stefan: Yea, don't call it arrest, call it kidnapping.  Don't call it Taxation, call it theft.  I mean, just use the proper use for things and we'd solve so many problems.  Euphemisms are, you know, they just plaque the arteries of the Brain, they confuse so many people.  You hit your child, it's not a spanking.  They say 'it's mild, it's just a little swat on the butt'.  No, no, no, no if you're spanking its to deter behavior.  It's to change behavior.  Which means the child has to hate and fear it.  And I wish people would be honest about it, but they can't even be honest with themselves and then they get mad at the kids for lying.

Joe: I agree, the categorization and this thing that we do where we make one thing better than another thing even though it's exactly the same.  Like spanking is better than beating, you know, but they're the same God damn thing... 

Episode #396 of The JRE podcast @ -1:09:11