Joe Rogan speaking with Joey Diaz, Eddie Bravo and Denny Prokopos about thinking, talking and acting

Joe: If you're a selfish person, you really want to succeed.  You really want good things for you, you want to do it selfishly? - Be nice to everybody.  That's the best way to get ahead.  The best way to get ahead is just; Be nice to everybody.  Tip people whenever you can.  Tip more than you're supposed to tip.  Give people hugs when you can.  Be nice to people all the time.  When you put out that good energy, you get good energy back.  You can like, almost think of it like people [that are like]: 'I'm looking out for number one'. - You really want to look out for number one? Look out for everybody else.  Look out for everybody else and that's how you really look out for number one.  I've had the most benefit in my life by being nice to people.  The most benefit in my life by being generous and being friendly and being warm.  And every time i've not been that, its always fucked me.  And when I run into someone, especially now at this stage of my life when I have my own personal revelations and my own successes and failures and i've kind of assessed what helps me and doesn't help me.  When I run into someone thats life is a mess, when I run into someone whose got lots of troubles - godammit if it's not a big chunk of what the fuck got them there is the way they think about things.  The way they behave about things.  The way they'll take a cigarette and fuckin throw it in the street.  You don't realize while your life is kinda shit while you're littering everywhere.  Like, that's not, you're not putting out good energy while you're throwing your fuckin McDonalds bag out of the window cause no ones looking.  You're being a cunt.  You're fucking up man.  You're ruining space.  You're sending out bad things.  When you fuck someone over in a business deal, you're like; 'well I profited.  Hey, it's a doggy-dog world'. - Bullshit.  You just put out some negative shit and it's gonna come back at you man.  That guy hates you.  Those people you fucked over in that bad development deal or whatever the hell you did wrong - those people don't like you now.  They hate you.  And that's going to come your way.  
Do nice things and nice things come from it man. 

Denny Prokopos: Think talk and act. 

Joe: Always.  Alwayyys.  Think talk and act man. 

Episode #180 of The JRE podcast @ - 10:57