Joe Rogan speaking with Jason Silva about technology

Jason: It's actually coming a lot faster than people think.  It has to do with one of the basic tenets of his [Ray Kurzweil] ideas is the exponential growth curves of technology and what he calls the law of accelerating returns.  I mean the fact that the cell phone in your pocket today is a million time cheaper, a million times smaller and a thousand times more powerful than a sixty-million dollar super computer was in the 1960's.  Forty years ago.

Joe: That is such an insane statement.  

Jason: It's a billion fold increase.  Billion fold increase in price and performance, that's not stopping.  

Joe: That's so crazy.

Jason: So in the next 25 years, blood cell sized devices, trillions of times more powerful than that interfacing with your biological neurons in real time.  And that's not even getting into the spill-over into Biology, which is now becoming an information technology.  Freeman Dyson who's a top, like one of the top Physicist in the world, says in the near future new generation of Artists will be writing Genomes with the fluency that Blake and Byron and Shakespeare wrote verses.  So it's this idea that the canvas of life itself is the new instrument for esthetic design.  
Joe: God...Damn son!  You're blowing my mind here. 

Jason: Playing Jazz.  Playing Jazz with Biology.  Like, imagine how impoverished the world would've been if we hadn't invented the technology of oil painting in time for Van Gogh or the technology of the instrument in time for Beethoven and Mozart to unfurl through it.  So imagine now, [with] the canvas of life itself, what might we create with it? I mean, we used the alphabet to engender alphabetic rapture with Shakespeare...what are we going to make with life?  That's, that's where we're heading.

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Episode #183 of The JRE podcast @ - 2:30:13