Joe Rogan speaking with Jason Silva about technological evolution

Jason: In fact, I just saw him [Freeman Dyson] speak at DLD in Munich and he said that soon, we'll have the entire biosphere in the palm of our hands.  So imagine what that means.  We might be like evolutions of secret weapons...

Joe: It's inevitable right?

Jason: Oh, absolutely. 

Joe: It's inevitable.  If you look at the progress thats been made, it's not gonna stop.

Jason: "What is great in Man is that he is a Bridge and not an end", said Nietzsche.

Joe: Pheww.  It's so amazing to be here right now while it's all going down.  This is like the bottom of the funnel.  You know?  Shits happening so fucking ridiculously fast.

Jason: Well you know what it is?  It's the first time in history that we don't need time-lapse photography to be able to witness it.  You know?  It's like, you don't see a Plant growing but with time-lapse you can actually see that the Plant is alive and that it's growing - That if you can see  
Human progress over just the last hundred years through time-lapse, you would litterally see that   
it's like our thoughts spill[ed] over into the World.  I mean, that's what Human imagination is, right?  Our ability to conjure up future possibilities, pick the most delightful one, pull the present forward to meet it.  I mean, the Airplane, the Jet Liner, the Internet, it all started in somebody's mind or in a group of minds, and then it kind of spilled over.  Like, we literally live in condensations of our imagination, Terence McKenna used to say that. - Which sounds Psychedelic except it's literally true. 

Episode #183 of The JRE podcast @ -2:25:15