Joe Rogan speaking with Duane "Bang" Ludwig and T.J. Dillashaw about fate

Duane: Things work out, happen for a reason or whatever.  I'm learning to believe and understand that [for] my own path [and] my own career.  Although, you know, there are some things that, you know, whatever you believe and, you know, conceive you can achieve kind of thing, so - Not kind of thing, that's 100-fuckin-percent true I feel, so... 

Joe: Well, it certainly is with you.  Um, it certainly is with me.  I always wonder what the fuck is really going on with that.  Wether or not you just got lucky and you're just looking back on being lucky going; 'well, ya know, it's just uh, the world works out for itself'. - Does it really work out for itself?  Or is it just you capitalize on whatever the fuck - you balance yourself out and you get through it no matter what?  It's not that everything happens for a reason, it's just that if you have 
the correct attitude, and you don't get hung up on things, you can succeed.  You just keep pushing forward.  You find your opportunities eventually and you jump through them.  I mean, who's to say that opportunities couldn't have come up that were even better a year ago or ten years ago or five years ago?  They could've.  It's a matter of when they do, or when you create them ... capitalizing on em.

Episode #385 of The JRE podcast @ -2:16:02