Joe Rogan Speaking with David Choe about working

Joe: We had a cool conversation about work.  Like last time I was at your place.  You go through like, these like, spurts sometimes where you just decide to just attack and just start workin.

David:  But yea I do that, but also the same way like, you know, when people are like; 'I'm an artist' - I'm like; 'this is what I do'.  Like, even though I haven't painted like for four years, I do something creative every day.  And if I had to paint for a career, like [for a] living, then I don't do the gay like; 'oh I only paint when i'm emotionally like moved to do it or when I feel like it.  Like, wether I feel like shit, like it's a real job, I show up every day, every day, repetition.  Paint a horse?  Paint it a thousand times, it'll get better.  

Joe: I love it. 

David:  It's like, it's a real job.  I paint wether my girlfriend dumped me or wether she's sucking my dick or whatever.  Every fucking day, you paint, no matter what.  No excuse. 

Joe: That's a beautiful statement right there. 

Episode #392 of The JRE podcast @ - 5:20