Joe Rogan speaking with Everlast about powerful, positive vibes

Joe: I firmly believe, I really do believe this, that you can control the vibe of that.  And you know, right now the vibe of it that we're putting out - is like, we're not perfect we make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes.  But the ethic behind it all is be a good person.  Be a cool person.  Be  fun to hang out with.  Be nice to people.  You can push out that positive energy and it's not fruity and it's not weak, it's Love.  You have to be strong to really put out Love. And you can really put that out.  And you can put that out to half a million people or a million people and they realize that.  And they become accustomed to this wave.  And that's the shit that can change the world.  The shit that can change the world is people just accepting a different operating system, accepting a different wavelength, and you put that shit out there.  You put that shit out there on Twitter with @OGEverlast and @Redban.

Everlast: Dude, did you think of that in the floatation chamber?  

Joe: I thought of that right now. 

Everlast: That was beautiful man.  That was beautiful. 

Joe: Thank you.  It's just in the moment. I'm in the moment baby.  I'm inspired by Everlast. 

Everlast:  It was beautiful.  There was beauty in that!

Episode #171 of The JRE podcast @ -6:01