Joe Rogan speaking with Bryan Callen about defining who you are as a person and achieving happiness

Bryan: The greatest line from Michelangelo, to define what you are as a person and Art, was when he looked at the fucking uh, at this huge piece of marble and he's about to carve the Statue of David and his girlfriend at the time, his one love said to him: 'what uh, how are you gonna do this?' 
and he said: 'it's already in there, I just have to get all the stuff out of the way'.  And it's a great metaphor for Art or a human being, like you start a piece a shit and if you can delete enough stuff you can, you know, just through hard work and carving and stuff you can become a better person.

Joe: It's so important that people do things.  And that you do things that other people enjoy.

Bryan: Action.  Correct - action is huge.

Joe: Yea.  Whatever it is.  Wether you're a Datsun repair man and you're like; 'oh Frank, you're the fuckin best'.

Bryan: And by the way, failure is more important than success, to become a better person. - You have to.  Look at fighters...

Joe: Yea.  Yes, Yea.  But what i'm saying is, like, doing something that people enjoy really is like the fucking key to happiness in life.  It's like doing something that makes other people happy in some way - It really is the key to happiness in life.  And it's one that so few people ever figure out, and that's one of the reasons people are so fucked up is cause so many people have this selfish, it's all about me attitude and you don't understand that you will never be happy.  Not only that, you wont be prosperous either.  You wont be, because you are a part of a gigantic system and you are in a symbiotic relationship with every human being that you come in contact with, so when you fuck them over you fuck up your whole system.  You spread out negative energy, you put out bad ripples and it comes back.  It's impossible not to.

Episode #172 of The JRE podcast @ -52:00