Daniele Bolelli speaking with Rich Evirs and answering a question about sticking to things and committing to a permanent change

Daniele: It really just boils down to discipline.  Which, we have said this before on the Podcast.  It's a very unsexy word.  Whoever created it could've used some PR work, cause it's like discipline it's like, it's the kind of word that just when you say [it], everybody's butt clinches a little harder.  Cause it's like; 'ooh, discipline, jesus I don't want to do that'.  You know, it doesn't' sound good.  At the same time it's the difference between wishing and doing stuff.  Anybody can, you know, we all wish for certain shit to happen - but none of that is going to happen unless you not only put your intention to make it happen, but then you put in the grand work.  And the Grand work is really about a mental toughness that you need to develop.  Really like a muscle, like nothing else, about putting in the time.  Going in when you feel like it, when you don't feel like it.  Cause if you wait to do the stuff that's good to you only when you're in the mood for it, yea good luck with that, have fun.

Rich: You'll never do it. 

Episode #22 of The Drunken Taoist podcast @ -31:02