Bryan Callen speaking with Elliott Hulse about Science and Religion

Elliot:  As great as Science has been with its ability to bring us the technology, and force [us] to look at the world objectively, it has caused us to adopt a paradigm where we not only, rightfully, question everything but we no longer retain the sense of Poetry in anything.  So we've got one end of the spectrum where Science and the whole idea where the world purely matter, right?...which is fine because we're playing with that.  That whole idea is just that. It's just an idea.  It's something we're playing with.  There's nothing definitive because if you look at where they're reaching now in Science, they're coming further and further back to where we were before, saying look, we're not sure what this is, we can't pin this down, we can't name it, we think we have it but then it disappears.  It basically sounds and looks a lot like what the ancients were writing down when they described the creation of the worlds.  The difference is, now ... so we've got that end of the spectrum. 

Bryan: By the way, just to [clarify], you're talking about Quantum Physics here, you're talking about the subatomic level of Physics and String Theory and stuff. Just for some people who might be a little confused - I think that's what you're touching on.

Elliot: Absolutely.

Bryan: Yea, how laws on the Quantum level, sometimes in direct opposition to laws in the Ether we live in.  So there are at least two realities.  Two dimensions.  But keep going, i'm sorry. 

Elliot: Right, yea absolutely.  Quantum Physics.  And you gotta recognize that words are symbols.  So they're using words to describe that which in many times is indescribable.  So we got that end of the spectrum, and that's a fun game to play with it.  Recognize it.  Look at it objectively.  Don't, anyway - and then we have the other end of the spectrum where we've got the Ancients and we've got the religions of old and the traditions associated with.  And here's where they messed up.  They messed up because all those stories of talking snakes and burning bushes and things that literally do not make sense on the physical plane, like people don't die and then come back again.  It just doesn't happen.  You don't die and you're re-born.  Regardless, I mean you can call it whatever you want but it just doesn't happen.  People don't walk on water.  The problem is that we get to attached to the content of the story, and not recognize the brilliance in the context of the story.  What is that story trying to tell you?

Bryan:  The symbolism versus the reality.  That which you can measure with a ruler and then the symbol, the symbolism of what it sort of- the inspiration behind the story.

Elliot: Right, exactly.  So you've got two, you go to far in either end of the spectrum, and they end up playing the same game of trying to be right and trying to prove what they're saying, as definitive. And you can't get to that.  The whole thing is still a dance and everybody is trying to get to the end of the dance instead of enjoying it. 

Episode #46 of The Bryan Callen Show podcast @ -38:28