Kevin Pereira speaking with Seth Green about balancing the motivations of a professional life and a relationship where you give yourself to someone and accept them

Seth:  ... In all fairness, I was kind of resistant to that concept just because I had, had, I had been, I wont say unlucky, but I learned a lot of shit on girls' time.  You know what I mean?  I learned a lot about myself and what I could bare and what I liked and what I needed and made a lot of mistakes and hurt a lot of feelings and made some course correction, and I think that's your own personal choice.  You're gonna to be given lesson after lesson in your life, it's what you take away from it that defines you.

Kevin: Was there ever a concern of, like; I have amassed so much.  I am a powerful and rich man and now I am accepting you into my fold. - Wait, do you love me for me? Or do you love me for Bank Statements and Lambo's and the Crystal that i'm pouring down my chest right now? - I imagine you pouring Crystal down your chest.

Seth: It's easy to have those suspicions and quite frankly there are all kinds of incredibly shady, sneaky people who are deceptive and have ulterior motives and ...

Kevin: ... and they're the hottest ones and want group sex with all of their hot friends!  How do you say no?!?

Seth: You don't have to say no, you just don't get married to them. 

Kevin: Well, that's the lesson that I'm gonna take.

Seth:  Umm, but no, I mean, I lucked out.  I met somebody that likes all the same things that I like and sees the World the way that I see it.  And the places that we're different we actually have commonality.  So, you know, it's not always like that.  That's a rare thing.  What it took me discovering, I think, was that, I didn't have to just accept something.  Like when I first, you know my folks divorced when I was young and I didn't realize until much later but that sort of subconsciously made me feel like I wasn't worth sticking around for.

Kevin: But what did you do?  WHy did you drive them away?  Why were you such a dick?  It's entirely your fault.

Seth:  Well, you know, I was really difficult, I was really driven and I wanted to be an Actor very young and I made them make me famous...
No, but it was, it was really just, for the longest time I would get into relationships with girls that were tumultuous or dramatic, and I would be dramatic and we would stay together.  And I didn't realize until much later that it's entirely possible to have a relationship with no drama.  It's entirely possible to meet somebody that is like-minded and then just share your life with them, and they'll share their life with you.  And you can actually enhance each other.

Episode #17 of the Pointless podcast on the Deathsquad Network @ -53:04