Joe Rogan speaking with Jason Silva, Duncan Trussell and Ari Shaffir about getting out of your own way so that you can get into things (blending into movies, etc)

Jason: Apparently it has to do with your self awareness.  Your lateral prefrontal cortex. The same thing that turns off when people are in flow states.  When Rappers are free-styling.  

Duncan: Ooh, right.

Jason:  The self editing, the self consciousness disappears.

Duncan: Cool, right. 

Jason:  And we love transcending our self-consciousness because its the moment in which we see that there's an infinite amount of subjective experiences that we can have.  We can be Indiana Jones, we can be, you know, anybody we want, you know, we're not bound by our individuated state, which as amazing as it is, is still limited.

Episode #369 of The JRE podcast @ -47:23