Joe Rogan speaking with Aubrey Marcus about criticism

Joe: ...It might be completely off base, but if it's right even a little bit, they're doing you a service.  Cause they're pointing out holes in your game.  And it might be fair, and it might not be fair too.  You gotta deal with that too.  But that's part of the game.  And eventually.  Hopefully.  We all hope for some form of personal sovergnty.   Where no-matter what anybody says about you, or how anybody describes you - that's a better way of putting it - you know who you are, and you're alright.  And like, all they're doing is exposing this need to detract from another person, this need to diminish another person.  Which is a massive weakness. - That we've all been guilty of.

Aubrey:  For sure.  And along with that, it's also learning to take the praise, not to seriously either.

Joe: Yes.  Don't get lost.

Aubrey:  You can't get your tires to pumped up and really buy into that whole thing.  That'll lead you down a stray weird path of ego and feeding off that kind of energy and that's no good either.  Detractors or to much praise, just appreciate it for what it is, but really judge yourself by your own criteria.  You know, only you know really, if you did your best.  If you put out the maximum effort to try and achieve the result, and only you should be able to judge yourself.  

Episode #367 of The JRE podcast @ -1:37:15