Daniele Bolelli speaking with Aubrey Marcus about living a Yin-Yang type of existence

Daniele: ...You want to be comfortable in as many environments as humanly possible, you know, on Earth.

Aubrey:  That's it.  That's the key, is to earn peoples respect in those languages they know.  Otherwise they'll tune you out.  Literally like it's a different language.  Literally like if you switched to Italian right now on this Podcast and most of your non-bilingual people will be just like; 'huh? huh? ok i'm over this'. They just wouldn't listen to you anymore, it's just not their language.  And I think that's one of the things that our good friend Joe Rogan has really done thats really shaken things up.  Because he is a bad motherfucker.  He is tough as shit.  I mean, he can beat you on your feet... 

Daniele: Yup

Aubrey: ...he can beat you on the mat.  There is no solace for him. 

Daniele: Nope

Aubrey: He's just a really tough guy.  And up in Stand up Comedy, that's about as masculine a Performance Art as there is.  But at the same time he's talking about Float Tanks...

Daniele: Right

Aubrey: ...and smoking DMT, and doing Yoga and Meditating.  And all of a sudden, all of these people that have never listened to anybody else are like; 'oh ok'.

Daniele: 'If Joe says so maybe I should try it', yes of course. 

Aubrey: And that has been a beauty of his message, you know.  And I think it's really important.  And I think that's the next way.  I mean, hell, that is the symbol of Quetzalcoatl.  You know, the feathered serpent.  That alliance of two things that don't, shouldn't really go together.  You know, feathers and scales.  

Daniele: So it's a Mexican version of Yin and Yang.

Aubrey: It is.  That's exactly right. 

Episode #19 of The Drunken Taoist podcast @ -40:01