Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt speaking with Mike Maxwell about living life with and without control and letting things take their course

Joey: When people just take life in their own hands, I give them an extra, sort of respect.  You know what i'm saying Mike Maxwell?  Like you.  You live your life, and you do Jiu-Jitzu and you got a car payment and you make it fuckin happen.

Mike: Sometimes I don't know how it works but

Joey: Oh my god, we never do! 

Mike: I've been thinking, over the last couple of weeks I've really been focused on the idea of just letting life live itself.  There's this idea that you have to control every single moment and decide what's going to happen.  And you know, if those things that you decide are supposed to happen in the future, don't happen, you feel all shitty.  I keep thinking, and i've been thinking about this with making Art too, like, do I make Art that I think I could sell? - Or do I just make what I want to make at all times and just hope for the best?  Like, don't try to figure out the tricks so much, as just, put in the fuckin work and what happens, happens.  It's easier to say now, right at this moment, but it's something that i've been working with. 

Episode #85 of The Church of What's Happening Now podcast @ -31:11