Joe Rogan speaking with Michael Schiavello about "breaking up" with friends

Michael:  Have you ever dumped a friend like you would dump a girlfriend?
Joe: Yes
Michael: You have?  Like a friend dump?
Joe: Yea, absolutely. 
Michael: Of a guy not a girl?
Joe: Many times.
Michael: Of a dude?
Joe: Yup.  Yea.
Michael:  What did you say to him?
Joe: Can't hang out with you anymore. Negative.
Michael: Just, straight up?

Joe: Yea, there's some dudes that you may have good times with in the beginning.  But then somewhere along the line as you get to know them better, their character flaws are exposed and they're not willing to be honest about it.  So then every time you're hanging out with that person it becomes a problem.  It becomes all around that person it becomes this persons character flaw that everybody has to like, sorta deal with.  Whether it's jealousy, whether it's being overly aggressive, whether it's being dicky to women, whatever the fuck it is.  You know, there's certain dudes that are not willing to look at reality and they're not willing to evolve.  And the real problem is that if you surround yourself with someone like that, all your evolution stops as well as theirs.  All your progress as a human being stops.  As does theirs.  So when you're out with them man, if they're acting cunty and douchy you're locked into this cunty and douchy life.  You know.  This is your crew.  This is who you're hanging out with man.  And if you don't surround yourself with like-minded people, you don't grow together.  So when you're with someone that you feel is a roadblock to your own personal enlightenment, it's important for you to separate yourself from that person. 


Episode #124 of The JRE podcast @ -1:00:55