Bryan Callen speaking with Bruce Buffer about the best way to maintain intensity and success, and what his advice to young people would be

Bruce: My biggest advice that I can give is that when you're choosing a path in life, because I don't believe any of us are better than anybody else - I think it's all about the paths we choose.  If you choose a path and you want to be the best CEO or the best Actor or the best Comedian or the best Bus Boy at your local Restaurant, just take pride in what you do, to be the best at what you can do.  But, when you're making a decision about an endeavored choice in life, ok, I don't like working.  I like living.  I like living life by design.  So my work life is a design of life, this is my life-style.  I don't wake up in the morning to go to work.  I wake up in the morning to passionately live my life with the choices i've made.

Bryan:  I feel the same way.  I just can't believe that I get to do this forever.

Bruce: You have to ... This is key in the question you're asking, is that anybody making a choice; ask yourself, look in the mirror, be honest with yourself, are you in it for the buck? Are you in it for the potential of the buck? - because you're passionate about what you're going to go into?  Which means you're going to learn everything there is about it, you want to be the best you can be at it.  But when the crap hits the fan.  When the rough time's happen. - Which is gonna happen no matter what.  Don't think that life is going to be a breeze cause you made the right choice.  You are gonna get hit with the big life choices of life, in your choice of endeavor.  The only way you can get up from being knocked down on the canvas of business, the best way is to have passion and believe in yourself.  That's the key, cause a lot of that are [working on] projects just to make money, they're not passionate, and when the hard times hit, they lose that edge.

Episode #37 of The Bryan Callen Show podcast @ -16:12