Steve Simeone speaking with Jimmy Shubert about that hardworking East Coast mentality

Jimmy: My brother Joe had his own business when he was 16.  I mean, these guys are, my brother Bob got married with his High School sweetheart, so did Joe actually, and still married.  You know, got great houses, they love their jobs, they both run companies, they’re both kinda like white-collar blue-collar guys.

Steve: Yup, that’s what I love about Philly.  White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul.

Jimmy: Yea White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul, that’s great.  Oh that’s great.  That would be a great name for an album.

Steve: No but seriously, that’s what I view ...

Jimmy: That’s killer! White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul.  

Steve: No, yea that’s what we have.

Jimmy: Dude, that’s fucking awesome dude.

Steve: That’s what we have.  That’s why I was like, oh, I love Shuby.

Jimmy: That’s going to be the name for my next album. 

Steve: Go for it, it’s yours.

Jimmy: Dude, that’s awesome.  White-collar mind, Blue-collar soul.

Steve: That’s what we have.

Jimmy: Yea

Steve: Cause it’s like that work ethic, you can’t knock it out of us. 

Episode #47 of the Good Times with Steve Simeone podcast @ -1:14:00

Steve Simeone speaking with Jimmy Shubert about finding “that one thing”

Jimmy:  … It’s that one thing.  And you think about, what is it? - The one thing.  And for me, I think it’s always been; figure out what it is, what you love to do.  And I don’t care if it’s playing guitar

Steve: Yea

Jimmy: Taking pictures, being a Stand Up Comic, being a guy who manages stock portfolios.  If it’s something that’s just [you’d be like] I would do this for free. - And figure out how to get good enough to get paid at it, and if you could figure out how to get paid at it and take your time and do your due diligence and put your work in and get better at it and I think that’s it, because then you never really work a day in your life. 

Steve: Absolutely

Episode #47 of the Good Times with Steve Simeone podcast @ -1:11:53

Steve Simeone speaking with Rob Spencer about loving and being selfless

Rob: What’s the busiest intersection where you live?

Steve: There’s one right up my corner.  At like Ventura and Sepulveda.

Rob: Brutal right?

Steve: Yea

Rob: What time of day is it busiest?

Steve: Either in the morning or 

Rob: And is it chaos?

Steve: Chaos, yea

Rob: Ok so instead of here, we’re on the corner of that, what street?

Steve: Ventura and Sepulveda

Rob: Ventura and Sepulveda we’re there having the same conversation.  And we’re vibing and like; hey dude you need to be selfless, you need to love, right?

Steve: Right.

Rob: You’re like; yea yea I agree, you’re like cool.  Now, this is what I want you to do, I want you to run out in the middle of the intersection.  What are you gonna tell me?

Steve: That’s crazy.

Rob: Right, that’s stupid.  Well, here’s 10 bucks, go run out on the intersection.  You know you’re going to get creamed, so why would you do that, right? - You wouldn’t.

Steve: [You] wouldn’t.  No.

Rob: But the very next day, we’re having the same conversation, the same time of day, at the same intersection and the only thing different is today, you have Cam (Steve’s nephew) in a stroller with us.  And I say hey yea, you gotta be selfless, you gotta love.  And you’re like yea great, and you let your hands go and you clap in excitement and he rolls out into the street, what are you going to do?

Steve: Immediately jump and get him. 

Rob: Without a second thought, without a hesitation. 

Steve: No, yea immediately.  Right.  Immediately. 

Rob: You’re going to do the thing that you wouldn’t do for any money the day before, because you’re living life on the love level.  You’re selfless. 

Steve: That’s awesome, that’s so true. 

Rob: So what I like to do as a teacher of Martial Arts, and now just as an influencer of friends and people...

Steve: Yea

Rob: I want to try to show people that you can live life on the love level.  You can live every moment, like that moment.  

Steve: Amazing.  Just you saying that, I already feel better about myself and life in general right now.  Like I feel my body feel like; i’m like, no I feel better.  Yea you’re right. 

Rob: It’s [that] you are what you fill yourself up with. 

Steve: So true.

Episode #50 of the Good Times with Steve Simeone podcast @ -48:34

Steve Simeone speaking with Rob Spencer about not taking the easy way out

Rob: So i’m sitting at my house watching TV, and I remember that the remote control is over on the coffee table.  Like everybody, I think that’s to far away for me to lean up and grab.  It’s only 2 feet [away], it’s a second away.  But, i’m lazy like everybody else and I think; if I take this pillow, and I just go like this, I could drag it to me.

Steve: Yea, yea haha. Yes 

Rob: And I don’t have to get up, right?  So, I grab the pillow I throw it on the remote, I knock it off the table, along with my drink.  And then i’m sitting there cleaning up and I thought this to myself: Why is it, it’s very clear that I was thinking this; why is it that the easy way out often becomes more difficult than doing the right thing to begin with. 

Steve: So true. 

Rob: And that’s when I decided to live life like that. 

Steve: That is so, so true. 

Episode #50 of the Good Times with Steve Simeone podcast @ -30:55