Writer's Block or Lazy?

I'm having one of those days, that a Writer goes through.  Don't want to write.  Not for me, nor for you.  It's not writers block per-say.  More like being lazy inside.  Pushing through it by forcing the pen to the page.  Not expecting jewels tonight though.  I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.  Is it settling?  Lowering my own expectations?  Or is it knowing myself enough to know when the outcome would be dog-shit? 

Conversely, is it vain to think that when the mood is right, jewels will just pour out of this pen like a bejeweled screen on a smartphone? - Nah, that's exactly where the expectations of myself should be ... why ever settle for expecting any less than greatness?  Just earn it and work through all the up-and-down-phases between now and then.

~ Sunday 08.16.2015 @ 8:46pm    

Tony OrtizComment