Where to go from here?

Where to go from here?  Another year has come and gone.  Forward for sure (As if there were another choice).  One year wiser, or perhaps more reconcilled toward complacency.  What is life but a quest to become ok with yourself and your place within the whole scheme of things?  Define "whole" though.  That's important.  What is "the whole scheme" to you?  Is it financial success?  Health?  Meaningful relationships?  Is it family bonds or long term friendships?  Is it self sustainability?  Is it to love more?  Do you have something to prove?  A score to settle?  Does your whole scheme of things include having a positive lasting impact on those around you?  In your community?  or is it the world?  See, it's important to define your whole.  Once you do, you'll have a better idea of what to aim towards.  Good luck in 2018.

~ Saturday 12.30.17 @ 10:09pm

Tony OrtizComment