We are One

THERE’S NO winning in the game of life. Conversely there is no losing. There’s only (for lack of a better word) playing.  There’s no tangible need for keeping score, nor settling any.  There’s you and those around you. There’s those that were and those that will be. All of which exist to the best or worst of their abilities, as they so choose. The shade they cast over their space in the world with their unique hue, is the mosaic nature that is the very essence of life. Our individual canvases co-exist, mix and intertwine. Build, fill and define yours with your version of perfection. Your best self.  That immeasurable quality that is you. The infinite fluidity with which we grow and develop is far more precious than a win/lose game could ever hope to be. We’ve already won …we are one.

~ Saturday 05.10.2014 @ 3:16pm

Tony OrtizComment