Start off the day with something that you Love

SET SERIOUS time aside for what you want to be doing in life.  When you wake up every morning, make it the first thing that you do. Why not start off the day with something that you love? Have to wake up and go to work? So wake up earlier to do what you love and start the day off right. If not, stop kidding yourself. You have a full time job and a part time hobby … lets work on flipping that equation. Set specific time apart for your part time hobby and make it a part time job.  We have to put in that level of work to make it to the next stage. Then with enough work and dedication, that hobby that we love will transition from a part-time job to a full time job, replacing the full time job we had because of necessity.  Then voilà … we wind up with a full time hobby. Sounds perfect to me. Let’s give it a whirl.

~Sunday 05.24.15 @ 10:01am

Tony OrtizComment