Spark Their Versions Of

THE REALIZATION of a passion in a moment of time. A snippet of existence, is what it’s all about. Endorphins exuding out of your being. Positive and imperishable vibes breaking down obstacles, seeking out every ounce of doubt within every nook-and-cranny of yourself while simultaneously extinguishing any doubts expressed toward you. It’s your moment and yours alone. Shareable with no other, although experience-able by many. They can’t feel what you feel within your moment. It’s a level of un-transferable elation that no amount of empathy could ever encapsulate. Realize your passions and experience them with those that you hold close to your heart … they may not feel exactly what you feel, but it will spark their versions of.

~ Saturday 03.08.2014 @ 3:00pm

Tony OrtizComment